Rose Quartz Coaster

These beautiful rose quartz coasters are edged in gold plating and are wonderfully versatile! Use them for your water glass, jewelry or even as a base for a crystal grid. 

Rose Quartz is a master healer. It is a form of quartz in a pink color. It is associated with the heart chakra promoting balance, healing, self-love, and expanding the heart with compassion. It has a gentle but powerful energy that radiates love and is supportive with all aspects of love - familial, friend, self-love, romance. It helps to attract romance into your life and strengthen existing relationships. It can be used in fertility grids and manifestations to help heal and soothe the heart removing blocks that may be preventing pregnancy.

As the stone of true, unconditional love, it assists the heart with forgiveness to heal past trauma or negative self talk to bring about more compassion and understanding. Rose quartz offers a beautiful sentiment when given as a gift and is a must have for any crystal enthusiast!

  • Beautiful crystal home decor for bringing high vibes into your living space.
  • Crystal healing for the heart chakra.
  • Connects you with unconditional love and emotional healing. 
  • Rough stone offers a potent yet gentle energy.
  • Great when used as a palm stone for meditation.
  • Approximately 3.25".

Please be advised that rose quartz may fade when left in the sun as will many translucent stones.

Every crystal is a unique and natural mineral from the earth and may vary in color from pictures shown.

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