Rupika Necklace Chartreuse

Long gold-plated over sterling silver chain necklace featuring recycled African glass, batik bone beads and cheese wood. 

Recycled glass beads are created by the Krobo tribe in Ghana by crushing the glass and compressing it into dry grain that is then melted together. Trade beads are a rich part of African culture where they were used as currency for trading cattle and goods across the region and eventually the world. Just as people today accumulate money, beads translated to wealth and carried a high social status. 


  • Energizing color and essence of trade beads imparts the energy of abundance.
  • Recycled glass carries the rich energy of a collaborative trade society. 
  • Perfect for the modern bohemian whose spirit is inspired by global treasures. 
  • Layers perfect with shorter pieces.
  • Approximately 30" in length.
  • Handcrafted in the USA.

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