Sacral Chakra Mala

This is a one-of-a-kind mala designed exclusively for the sacral chakra. It is made of rudraksha, peach aventurine, amethyst, and kiwi jasper. It features a strawberry quartz guru bead, a gold-plated sacral chakra yantra and is finished with a peachy coral silky tassel. Rudraksha is a traditional bead used in malas and represents Lord Shiva, imparting compassion and love for humankind. Peach aventurine is supportive for people with anxiety, calming the inner critic, overcoming any shyness, and helping you to harness your personal power. Amethyst helps to develop intuition and promote spiritual expansion. Strawberry quartz promotes compassion and helps to soothe the heart in a fast-paced environment. Kiwi jasper helps to absorb negativity and instill tranquility and wholeness.

Together, the stones and colors were thoughtfully chosen to create a powerful energy field for a balanced and healthy sacral chakra. Each chakra is designated with its own yantra, which is a shape or design that is based on sacred geometric principles.

In addition to mantra meditation using a mala, you can also meditate by simply gazing softly at the yantra associated with the chakra you wish to focus on. Yantra meditation helps to give the eye and mind a place to focus, filtering out distracting noises and external stimuli. The sacral chakra yantra is symbolized by a crescent moon surrounded by six vermillion lotus petals. The sacral chakra associated with our emotional nature and relationships, creativity, and sensuality. The seed mantra for the sacral chakra is VAM.

Still searching for the right mala? Check out our custom mala which includes a phone consultation to discuss where you are needing support, what your are wanting to manifest and what energy centers may benefit from crystal energy. We can create something very special together.

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