Scolecite Palm Stone

Powerful and transformative, scolecite is the 'stone of lightworkers'. It supports the heart, third eye and crown chakras, helping to blend the energies of the heart with the upper chakras. It removes blocks in the aura to allow energy to move through with ease and supports a deeper connection with the spiritual realm and other dimensions. It promotes a deep sense of inner peace and calming.

It also helps with dream recall, lucid dreaming, restful sleep, and accessing messages from your higher self, ancestors and from source. It can be a wonderful guide for astral travel, accessing the akashic records and receiving information from ancient and future civilizations. 

  • Powerful, restful and transformative energy for lightworkers.
  • Supportive to heart, third eye and crown chakras.
  • Promotes an open heart and expressing love.
  • Palm stones are perfect for meditation and for journeying.
  • Stones will vary in size from 2.5" in length.
Every crystal is a natural mineral form the earth which means variations to color, size and shape are normal.

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