Selenite Mandala Charging Plate

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Selenite is a powerhouse in the world of crystals. It clears negative energy and helps to restore emotional balance. It is a self-charging stone meaning it never has to be cleansed or cleared. It can charge other stones and gemstone jewelry by simply laying them on the selenite.

Use this charging plate to clear your crystals or as a base for a crystal grid. You may also use it as a coaster for your water glass to raise the vibration of your water and charge it with positive intentions.

  • Unique charging plate for cleansing your crystals 
  • Beautiful etched mandala pattern for connecting to oneness
  • Healing crystal energy for supporting the crown chakra
  • Clears and protects against negative energy
  • Can be used to clear other crystals
  • Charging plate is 4" in diameter and 1/2" thick

Selenite should not be exposed to water as it can dissolve when wet.

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