Selenite Wrap Bracelet

It's one high vibe bracelet that creates an arm party all on its own! This selenite wrap bracelet is made of assorted gemstones and crystals and metal beads, strung on leather cord and accented with a sleek rectangular selenite crystal for protecting against negative energy.

It wraps the wrist five times and has an adjustable closure to customize the fit to your wrist. If excess cord remains, you can simply cut it to size. This wrap bracelet is so comfortable and blends beautifully with everything with its neutral palette and rich textures. It will quickly become your go-to!

  • Healing crystal energy for raising your vibration
  • Selenite for clearing and protecting you against negative energy 
  • Supportive to the crown chakra for connecting to higher realms of consciousness
  • Comfortable to wear and adjustable fit
  • Perfectly neutral so you can pair it with everything

Selenite is a powerhouse in the world of crystals. Comprised of gypsum, one of the most abundant elements of the earth, it is soft white in color with a linear texture. It clears negative energy and helps to restore emotional balance. It is especially great for when you will be around negative people, in crowds or anytime you feel the weight of others' energy. It is a self charging stone meaning it never has to be cleansed or cleared. It can charge other stones and gemstone jewelry by simply laying them on the selenite. This stone is also great for opening energy of the crown chakra and helping you to establish greater connection to the divine and angelic realm.

Selenite should not be exposed to water as it can dissolve when wet.

Natural stones may vary slightly in color. Size of selenite may vary slightly from the picture shown.

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