Solar Plexus Chakra Mala

This is a one-of-a-kind mala designed exclusively for the solar plexus chakra. It is made of tulsi, dalmatian jasper, druzy agate, and african vinyl disc beads. It features a fire agate guru bead, a gold-plated solar plexus chakra yantra and is finished with a yellow tassel accented with gold thread.

Tulsi is a powerful adaptogenic herb that reduces inflammation and dispels negativity offering protection. Dalmatian jasper imparts joy and reminds one to have fun in life. It also protects against negative energies and balances the yin and yang. Druzy agate promote balance and healing and helps to strengthen the spirit to more fully anchor your personal power.

African vinyl disc beads add a pop of invigorating color that resonates with and balances the solar plexus chakra - a lively yellow that is energizing and promotes a spirit of confidence. The fire agate guru bead also imparts the same healing benefits of agate that provide strength and stability to the lower chakras, but it's vibrant energy also contains the essence of fire that stimulates a zest for living, creativity, sexuality, and will. Together, the stones and colors were thoughtfully chosen to create a powerful energy field for a balanced and healthy solar plexus chakra.

Each chakra is designated with its own yantra, which is a shape or design that is based on sacred geometric principles. In addition to mantra meditation using a mala, you can also meditate by simply gazing softly at the yantra associated with the chakra you wish to focus on. Yantra meditation helps to give the eye and mind a place to focus, filtering out distracting noises and external stimuli. The solar plexus chakra yantra is symbolized by a downward pointing triangle surrounded by a circle with ten petals. The solar plexus chakra associated with our will, manifestation, courage, confidence, energy, and power center. The seed mantra for the solar plexus chakra is RAM.

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