Strength Stacking Bracelet


The Strength Bracelet is made with Indian agate to promote grounding, strength, stability and balance. Agate is a wonderfully protective stone and this variety possesses a strong earthy vibe to connect you with Mother Earth on a deeper level. While it primarily supports that sacral chakra, the green also resonates with the heart chakra to bring emotional stability and self acceptance. Also included is coco shell and wood which is nourishing to the root chakra; labradorite which clears and protects the aura; and druzy agate for promoting relaxation, balance and soothing emotional unrest.

Mantra: I call on the energy of Mother Earth for strength and grounding. She is always here to support me.

  • Crystal energy for imparting grounding, stability and balance
  • Intuitively made for energetic support
  • Handmade and blesses with reiki to impart high vibes
  • Comes on stretchy elastic cord to easily slip over the hand
  • Approximately 7.5" in length

 Natural stones may vary slightly in color and shape.

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