Crystal Collections

Crystals are a wonderful way to bring healing into your life in a holistic way. Crystals are minerals that come directly from the earth. They are dense matter comprised of an orderly, internal pattern of atoms, with a distinctive way of locking new atoms into that pattern to repeat it again and again. At a cellular level, both our bodies and quartz crystal are made up of silicon dioxide. As energetic beings, we are receptive to the energetic vibrations of mineral crystals. Each and every one is unique and different specimens have their own healing properties.

Crystals won't magically transform your life by themselves, but rather they can serve as a tool to ground you, shift your perspective, open up your energy or help clear blockages to help you get centered and do the work to manifest your desires. The crystals found in each collection have been carefully curated to assist with a particular desire.

When working with a crystal, it is best to keep it close to your physical body and energetic field. For this reason, jewelry makes a wonderful way of working with a crystal. The crystals found in these collections and be carried with you through the day; you can use them for crystal gridding, or simply set them out some place where you can see and enjoy them each day.

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