Anchor the Light Society

Anchor The Light Society

Make Time for Your Soul

The Anchor the Light Society membership is part of a bigger mission to support the rise in collective consciousness by assisting you with your own inner healing and upgrade in frequency. As you commit to the monthly practice, you'll develop deeper personal insights, shedding what is untrue at a soul level, embodying more light.

Because we are all connected, your work serves the whole. By committing to your practice and raising your vibration, you serve the collective shift. You simply are the change. This is how we anchor the light.

Each Month, You'll Receive

✨ Soul Expanding Affirmation Card

✨ About Card with Wisdom + Journal Prompts

✨ Intention Setting Card

✨ Handmade Gemstone Bracelet

✨ High Vibe Crystal

✨ High Quality Tea Sachet

✨ Palo Santo

Plus Access to Our Private Online CommUNITY + Member Site

Grow in commUNITY and access even more on the app!

✨ CommUNITY of soul family who are just as committed as you are to inner growth and ascension.

✨ Monthly Meditation for connecting more deeply to the wisdom, the energy of the stone and to assist in upgrading your frequency. 

✨ Crystal Akashic Records Reading that will provide expanded insights on the crystal for that month taking your wisdom deeper.

✨ Phone Screensaver for working with your affirmation throughout the day anytime you look at your phone.

✨ Downloadable Files for those who want a digital only membership.

$199 Value!

What They're Saying...

This is for you if...

✨ You’re a spiritual seeker who values a guided experience that you couldn't get on your own.

✨ You believe in your innate ability to tap into the subconscious mind to reprogram beliefs and shift your vibration. 

✨ You know that when you transform your inner landscape, the exterior will fall into place.

✨ You love making time for sacred self-care and appreciate the accountability of a monthly, soul-expanding ritual.

✨ You feel deeply called to support the collective by doing your own inner work to raise in consciousness.

✨ You're a a crystal lover and crave more knowledge and experience with the energies of different stones.

Ready to Anchor the Light?

Choose Your Payment Option + Get Started!

Frequently Asked Questions

All charges will be billed when you sign up and will auto-renew either 30, 90, 180 or 365 days thereafter depending on the plan you select.

The Ritual Kit ships on the third (3rd) of each month.

If you sign up after the third of the month, your first Ritual Kit will come the following month.

You can cancel anytime. You can also skip a month if you need to for any reason. You'll be able to easily manage your subscription in the customer portal or simply contact us at for assistance.

We Give Back

Your Spiritual Practice Matters

When you do this work, you anchor the light for everyone. You are truly being of service. In addition, Sarah Belle gives a small portion of proceeds to the Rainforest Foundation US on a quarterly basis as part of our Align with Love program. So in addition to raising the vibration, you are contributing to preserving the lungs of our planet.