Flagship Program

Anchor The Light Mastery School

A life-changing mentorship that blends ancient wisdom, modern science, earth and energy medicine, and spiritual practice with integrative coaching, healing ceremonies and soulful community for you to heal, discover your true essence, and embody your light so that you can live with emotional harmony and energetic sovereignty, empowered to shine your light with the world.

It's inner alchemy for outer transformation where you become the medicine.

Does this sound like you?

You're on a path of growth and healing...

You feel the call deep in your soul that there's something more, but you haven't quite figured out what that is or why, and you often doubt it.

You've been bottling up emotions and lacking boundaries and it has led to feeling lost or in a rut,but you are ready to find your authentic voice.

You've become spiritually numb and aren't sure where to start with building a deeper self-care practice that will really cultivate your spiritual connection and intuition.

You've often felt like an outsider and struggle to find people who get you,leading you to shrink in group settings. 

You're drawn to crystals and mystical things but haven't quite figured out how to integrate it all into something more meaningful in your life in a way that makes a difference.

A Lighter Way is Possible

Imagine a Reality Where...

You have a dedicated spiritual practice and positive daily habits that allow you to hold a high vibration so that instead of being easily thrown off course, you hold your light consistently and confidently share it with others.

You know your energy field and can track the energy around you to respond from a grounded, calm state, without arguments or lower vibrations taking over.

You know the difference between your ego and your intuition and are able to find clarity and make decisions from the wisdom of your higher self.

You no longer let limiting beliefs hold you back. You know how to spot them as they arise and move back into your heart with compassion, self-love and wisdom.

You know how to work with crystals to restore energetic harmony and access higher wisdom.

A Proven Framework for Transformation

Anchor the Light Mastery School

Anchor the Light Mastery School provides a proven framework that combines ancient wisdom, modern science, energy healing and earth-based spiritual practice with integrative coaching and sisterhood for you to embody self-mastery... no matter where you are.

As a being of light and energy, the path of self-mastery is one of learning how to manage and master your energy to become energetically sovereign. When you come to understand your daily stressors, emotional triggers, and interactions with others as energetic information, you can more easily move into the role of witness and director, responding to the moment with greater self-regulation and emotional ease.

This journey requires understanding yourself as a holistic being. Most people fall short because they work in silos - only focusing on mindset, or the physical body or their spiritual practice. This program will show you how full integration will allow you to bust through fear, scarcity, and discontentment and accelerate your growth and higher soul expression.

To carry the wisdom of mastery, you must know it in your body. This requires a taking the experience through your central nervous system. It is more than reading or listening to class. It takes you beyond where books and podcasts take you because it gives you a guided roadmap with actions, soul inquiry, and subconscious reprogramming that supports integration and the synthesis of knowledge into embodied wisdom.

Humans have a negativity bias. If you aren't actively working on mindset and upgrading your thoughts, you will stay in lower vibrational experiences. Fear will run the show until you shift your consciousness. When you raise your vibration and do the inner work, you will shift your consciousness.

Working on the level of mind has its limits though. And that’s why we work with crystal energy, cacao plant medicine and DNA activations to upgrade your energetic codex.

Through this program you are held accountable to doing the work in a safe, loving and unconditionally accepting place. With coaching and an intimate community of sisters, you go farther than you ever would alone.

When you do the deep dive into self, you uncover energetic patterns and blockages, heal unresolved wounds, and reclaim your true power. As you gain greater mastery over your energetic flow, you begin to hold your center and operate at a higher vibration influencing the field instead of being taken out by it. You move into deeper soul alignment, guided by your higher self, with confidence to live your truth, embody your  authentic light and shine it with the world. 

Only you can liberate yourself into the mastery.

Through this Program You Will...

Really get to know your physical body and purify it so that you can clearly receive the information it is providing and address disharmony and imbalance so that you can live with more vital life force energy.

Come to understand your ups and downs from a higher perspective, releasing resistance and embracing the lessons with the calm abiding state of consciousness that you will cultivate throughout this journey.

Get to know your energy field, how to protect it, and how to gather insights to why you think and feel what you do allowing you to gain greater control over your life and not feel like it's a wild roller coaster ride.

Learn how to work with crystals to connect to your intuition and develop a direct dialog with the universe, assume your superpowers and become a powerful co-creator of your highest and best life.

Recognize unconscious programs that don't align with your inner most truth and clear them so that you may upgrade your frequency, elevate your consciousness and live with the freedom that comes from true authenticity.

Raise your vibration and hold a high frequency so you can reduce the symptoms of lower vibrations such as negativity, fear, resistance, frustration, lack, guilt, shame, anger and poor health; and step into greater vibrational alignment with who you are and who you came here to be.

The Time is Now

for Women Ready to Rise + Claim Their Higher Soul Expression

The Anchor the Light Mastery School program provides a comprehensive mind, body, spirit, and energy approach with tools and resources for spiritual seekers who are ready to awaken to higher levels of consciousness, embody their light and assume their highest potential. 

You'll learn how to work with crystal allies and earth medicine to access the superconscious mind and restore energetic harmony. 

Through integration and mastery, you'll learn to navigate life above the level of personality and ego and through the lens of the higher self, operating with high levels of self-regulation, moving into wholeness and into a trusted relationship with your divine self, so that you can live with more freedom, joy, and peace and masterfully transmute stress, anxiety and fear when it arises.

This is your birthright. Your soul knows if this if for you.

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