Jewelry Care

Jewelry Care

Storing Your Jewelry

When you are not wearing your Sarah Belle jewelry, it should be stored in an airtight plastic bag. This will prevent tarnishing and scratching. Here’s a trick we love for storing necklaces - we recommend sealing the bag with the top of the chain slightly sticking out of the seal to prevent it from getting tangled. 

Wearing Your Jewelry

It is said that it’s best to put your jewels on last when getting ready and let them be the first thing you take off when you get home. Exposure to water, lotions, body oils, cosmetics, perfumes, excessive heat and humidity and cleaning agents may cause discoloration and affect the finish of the jewelry. While some of our pieces carry a lot of significance to the wearer making you want to wear them 24/7, we caution against this and recommend that you avoid showing or swimming in your jewels.  

How to Clean Your Jewelry

It is best to clean jewelry with warm soapy water and/or a polishing cloth. We discourage the use of jewelry cleaners because it could oxidize or discolor some stones.


Most Sarah Belle pieces are made with gold plate over brass. Plating is a process of bonding gold to a base metal to create a quality, long-wearing piece with proper care. Gold plating offers the look of gold at a much lower cost.

Some items are made of 12, 14 or 24kt gold-filled materials. Gold-filled is constructed in two or three layers using a base metal of jewelers’ brass. A gold alloy is then bonded to one or both surfaces of the brass core with heat and pressure. Unlike plated metals, gold-filled is legally required to contain 5% or 1/20 gold by weight. Gold-filled items are a bit more expensive, but will last longer than gold plate with proper care.

Many Sarah Belle chains feature gold plate over sterling silver. Sterling silver provides a nice base metal of higher quality than brass. With proper care, it will wear well for a long time. 


Most pieces are designed and assembled by hand with love in Louisville, KY. Some items are carefully curated to bring you free spirited products that align with our brand.