The Anchor the Light Mala Project

We are passionate about malas as sacred tools for your spiritual toolkit!

Malas deepen your meditation practice and raise your vibration to support co-creation. With a dedicated practice, they accumulate your spiritual energy and create a potent field for your desires to come into form. 

While we love making our own beautiful malas in our studio, we've also created The Anchor the Light Mala Project which gives work to female artisans in Rishikesh, India enabling them to provide for their families. Since the onset of covid, many of their husbands have lost their jobs creating added financial burden. When you purchase one of these malas, you are supporting the livelihood of female makers and their craft.

Malas from the Anchor the Light Mala Project are made in a traditional hand-knotted style. They are blessed in the devotional energy of a sacred temple before making their way to our studio. The loving energy that went into these creations is palpable and intentionally designed this way to support your spiritual journey.


The Anchor the Light Mala Project - female artisans in Rishikesh India


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