Bespoke Jewelry Collection

This bespoke collection features high-frequency Arkansas Quartz Crystal Activation Talismans and more! Each piece is one-of-a-kind. Get yours before they're gone!

Welcome Beautiful Soul

If you've landed here, chances are your soul is awakening. I'm here to help you remember what you've forgotten, to reclaim your truth, return to love, and align with your soul essence so that you can unapologetically shine your light with the world.

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Flagship Program

Anchor the Light Mastery School is a life-changing journey that guides you deep into holistic wellbeing and energetic sovereignty to discover the truth of who you are, to heal, recalibrate, and expand into your authentic light. The relationships you form, the insights you uncover, and the expansion you experience, are nothing short of transformational.

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Work with Me 1:1

In one-on-one coaching, I help you understand your energy patterns and bring unconscious, limiting beliefs into your awareness, equipping you with tools and practices for reclaiming your personal power. Through this work, I activate and awaken deeper aspects of your remembering so that you can embody your most authentic self.

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Anchor the Light Society offers a beautiful online community and monthly practice for sacred self-care. Each month you are guided to journey inward, upgrade beliefs, deepen your spiritual connection, and work with crystal energy to raise your vibration. Members receive a Ritual Kit, digital member site and private community space to share the journey.

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The Ultimate Roadmap to

Owning Your Power & Shining Your Light

If you are tired of feeling depleted from over giving and you want to get out of a rut, discover your truth, live according to your higher self, connected to your purpose, and shining your light... read every word of this guide, as it might be the single most important “freebie” you’ve ever downloaded.



Sarah Belle

Sarah Balmer is the visionary and mission-coded being behind the inspirational brand that is Sarah Belle.

From corporate executive to spiritual entrepreneur, ascension mentor, energy healer, ceremonialist, and creative - Sarah is a modern medicine woman who blends together holistic approaches to wellbeing, ancient wisdom traditions, earth medicine, and modern science to activate your awakening and guide you to reclaim your personal power, remember your truth and embody your authentic expression so that you can upologetically shine your light with the world.

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Monthly Spiritual Practice + Ritual Kit

Anchor the Light Society

Join this beautiful community where you'll receive a monthly practice and ritual kit for sacred self-care. You're guided to journey inward, upgrade beliefs, deepen your spiritual connection, and work with crystal energy to raise your vibration and expand your soul.

The theme each month is channeled by my higher self to cultivate your spiritual expansion.

You'll receive all the components to create your own sacred practice that will promote energetic harmony, holistic wellbeing and elevate your consciousness.

When you sign up, you hold yourself accountable to doing the inner work and making time for nourishing your spirit. This work strengthens resiliency and impacts the collective awakening to higher timelines.

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