About Sarah Belle

Sarah Balmer, aka Sarah Belle is a hi frequency mentor + creative who is passionate about helping others lead a more awakened life by learning how to embody their authentic light and hold a higher vibration.

Through her intuitively designed jewelry, Anchor the Light Ritual Kit + Practice, crystal energy classes, and coaching, she imparts a deeper understanding of your energy field, helps to reprogram unconscious patterns, and empowers you to align with your truth, becoming ever more authentic, liberated and expanded. 

Sarah is the founder and conscious co-creator of Anchor the Light Self-Mastery, a soul-expanding program for integrating mind, body and spirit to awaken you to deeper aspects of self and elevating your consciousness to instill more peace, joy and vitality.

She is also the creator of Crystal Wisdom Codes, a certification program for accessing your higher self through connecting with the mineral kingdom to receive expanded insights and spiritual wisdom.

Sarah is classically trained as a designer with a BS in Interior Architecture from the University of Louisville. She holds certifications for holistic health coaching, transformational life coaching, behavior change coaching, DECU, crystal healing, teaching yoga, personal training, reiki, past life regression, akashic records, EFT, and aromatherapy. She’s received continuing education in shamanism, ascension, golden age astrology, wayshower empowerment, the Tao te Ching, the Bhagavad Gita, chakra healing, energy medicine, cacao ceremonies, vibrational sound healing, mediumship, and self-mastery.

Before stepping into her life’s work and true purpose, Sarah spent time in the corporate world, holding leadership positions in product management, marketing and sales in the fast-paced environment of healthcare technology. This has been one of her greatest teachers, showing the benefits and rewards of energy healing, meditation and yoga for effective stress management.

Sarah’s philosophy is that we all lead integrated lives; and by learning how to master our flow, regulating balance of the mind, body and spirit, and stand firmly in our light, we can cultivate peace within, raising our light quotient and empowering others to do the same.  

What's in a Name

Sarah grew up with a few different nicknames including Buddha Butt, which her brother still affectionately calls her to this day. She sometimes wonders if growing up with the name Buddha somehow imprinted her subconscious mind to mold her into the spirit seeker that she is today. 

The name Sarah Belle was one her dad always used, in addition to Bunny Hopper and a few others. Sarah's father passed away over fifteen years ago to leukemia and with each passing year as life unfolds in new ways she often finds herself wondering what her dad would think if he were here. She knows he would be proud because he told her everyday that he was proud of her. 

It was Sarah's dad who taught her how to color by moving the crayon around in little circles. She loved art and especially color. Her dad would tease her for still being obsessed with coloring with markers into her teenage years. She remembers him asking her, "How long are you going keep coloring?" teasing and implying that she was outgrowing the age for coloring. At her first interior design job, she was the designer who got to do the renderings! She will never forget coming home that day, smiling from ear to ear, telling her dad that she got paid to 'color' at work. And of course he reminded her of where she first learned her skills. 

Now more than ever, Sarah understands how important it is to feed the creative spirit, to connect with it and be moved by it no matter what your age or for what purpose. This takes on a lot of forms for different types of people. When one of those forms is unfamiliar to another, judgment may be cast and that can persuade you to walk a more narrow path. But it is in following your truth, standing firm in your own light, that ignites your soul to shine the brightest thereby liberating the spirit. For Sarah, that is very simply the work that you see on this website. In some of those moments when it is just her and the art at work, she can feel her dad with her. So it only seems appropriate that her artist name is Sarah Belle. 

She's still coloring, dad.

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