Program Details

Program Details

Sarah Belle

Become a Sarah Belle Ambassador

Program Details

To ensure a successful partnership, we have outlined the details of our program. We welcome feedback and ideas you have as well to make the most of our efforts, as we believe collaboration holds tremendous potential.
  • Initial commitment is four weeks. Partners participate in a one month pilot phase, where both parties follow the agreed upon actions. At the end of the pilot, partners may discuss the results, make any tweaks or modifications for the coming month or decide if it is not working.
  • Ambassadors ‘renew’ each month. So after the initial four-week period, if both parties agree to keep going, the partnership will automatically renew for the next month. Each month the partnership can be evaluated and feedback provided to keep things fresh and productive for both parties.
  • We ask that you give a shout out and tag us on your social profiles as it flows with your content. Ideally, this would be 3-4 times per month. Tag @sarahbellestyle / #sarahbellestyle and share your customer coupon code with your followers and friends. When your coupon code is redeemed, we will track your sales and give you a credit towards future purchases.
  • We would love to be included in your blog posts as well, if it is relevant to what you are discussing; or be represented in any other way that feels right to you and fits within your brand.
  • You will receive a coupon code to share with your audience. We encourage you to share it with friends in person as well as on your social profiles. We are happy to send you our business cards if you would like to share those with friends and write your code on them. This way your friends will have both the website and your code to reference later.
  • When you personally purchase items online, we would love it if you write a positive review for the product you purchased. This helps us with search engine optimization and marketing. If you have any issues at all with one of our products, please contact us first so we can resolve it. Customer service and satisfaction are top priorities!
  • We would love to share your content as well in our marketing efforts. Feel free to email or text us your images or content and/or give us permission to repost or snag info them from your social profile and we will be happy to promote you!
  • We would love to feature you in our emails as a brand ambassador and feature your beautiful soul. We will collaborate with you ahead of time on such activities.

Ambassador Program Rewards

This is the best part! To thank you for your help in promoting the Sarah Belle brand and helping us grow our tribe, we reward you with style perks.

You’ll receive a discount on items for yourself!
  • Receive 25% off jewelry any time using your own special ambassador code in our shop. We ask that you keep this code confidential. If your code is found being used by others, we will disable the code and re-issue a new one. We reserve the right to dissolve the ambassador partnership if we feel that your code is being used inappropriately.
  • The 25% off ambassador discount only applies to jewelry items in the shop.
You’ll earn style credit for purchases you influence, both individuals and stores!
  • Receive a coupon code to share with your friends and promote the Sarah Belle brand. By sharing your coupon code with your followers and friends, we will be able to track sales associated with your influence. So it is important that your friends use this code for online purchases! The coupon code will allow your followers to receive 15% off their purchase.
  • When your friends redeem their discount using your code, you will receive 10% of their total purchase in style credit to apply toward future purchases. Note that style credit may not be used in conjunction with your ambassador discount.
  • Sarah Belle also sells wholesale to retail stores. For stores where you have a personal connection and can facilitate a wholesale purchase or warm introduction that leads to a sale, you will receive 20% of their purchase in style credit!
  • We will send you a monthly report letting you know of your sales and corresponding style credit. If you ever wish to know this sooner, simply drop us an email and we will send you an update at any time.
  • If you wish to redeem your style credit, simply let us know and we will issue a special code that applies your credit to your online purchase. The credit may be applied towards any item in the store, including crystals and services.
To ensure a successful partnership, we have outlined the details of our program. We welcome feedback and ideas you have as well to make the most of our efforts, as we believe collaboration holds tremendous potential.

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