Studio Visit

Studio Visit

Book an In-Person Shopping Visit 

Studio visit with Sarah Belle

Want to shop for crystals and jewelry in person? Want to engage in soulful

conversation and learn where you may be needing energetic support?

Come to the Sunnywilde!

Our high-vibe studio is nestled on a wooded, ten-acre property in southern Indiana. We regularly have our essential oils going and solfeggio frequencies playing. The moment you step inside, you feel the high vibrations and energy shift. You're soul will be happy you came! 

Our in-person shopping visits allow you to explore our crystal selection and feel the energies to see if they are right for you. We have crystal candles, one-of-a-kind jewelry not found online and more. 

Contact us to book your visit!

Plan a Crystal Party

Gather your girlfriends and learn about crystals! At a crystal party, Sarah will share the basics of what you need to know to start working with crystals to elevate wellbeing. She will guide you through exercises to sense subtle energy and help you select the best stones to support your desires and lifestyle. 

Contact us to plan a party!