Mentorship Programs Wait List

Mentorship Programs Wait List

Mentorship Programs 

These closed group programs take you deeper into your soul to discover the truth of who you are and expand into your authentic light. The relationships you form and, the insights you uncover and the expansion you experience are nothing short of transformational.

Anchor the Light Self Mastery

It's a high-vibe VIP mentorship and soul-expanding accelerator that will help you awaken to deeper truths and master the ever-changing flow of life with grace and ease. From empowering experiences and accountability to stay the course, to personalized guidance and a community of inspiring souls, you'll learn to live with more purpose, freedom and flow. 

This is a 4-month program that includes weekly modules, live calls with Sarah, email check-ins, a private Facebook community and numerous tools and resources that will support your integration.

Self-mastery students report life-changing transformations and make some of the biggest shifts of their soul's journey during this program.

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anchor the light self master wait list

Crystal Wisdom Codes

It's a first-of-its-kind mentorship and hands-on certification program, for crystal lovers, spiritual seekers, energy healers, and lightworkers who want to develop a deeper connection to crystals, awaken their intuition and access the wisdom they hold for themselves and their clients.

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Crystal Wisdom Codes Wait List