Chakra Crystals

The chakra crystals are perfect for exploring crystal energy support for each of the chakras and helping to bring them into balance. This set goes beyond the most common seven chakras to include the earth star and soul star chakras which are located below the feet and above the head, respectively. Each set includes a little reference card that explains the benefits of each stone. While this is fun to read and consider, we always recommend trusting your intuition. If you are attracted to a certain stone, work with it! Don't question what you think you need or what stone you think you should be working with. Crystals work on the level of energy. Trust your intuition as it is far more attuned to your energy body than the thinking mind.

Stones included are:

  • black tourmaline - earth star chakra
  • red jasper - root chakra
  • banded carnelian - sacral chakra
  • raw citrine - solar plexus chakra
  • rose quartz - heart chakra
  • amazonite - throat chakra
  • raw amethyst - third eye chakra
  • raw quartz - crown chakra
  • selenite - soul star chakra

Crystals will vary in size but will typically be .75-1.25" in length. They are perfect for using in meditation, carrying in your pocket, placed in grids or placed on the body for relaxation and energetic balancing and support.

As with all crystals, it is recommended to that you cleanse your stones once you receive them to clear any energy they have picked up along the way. To do this, simply let your crystals soak up some sunlight for a few hours or sit under the moonlight. You can also rinse your crystals with water. However, selenite will degrade in water so washing it is not recommended

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