Chakra Rose Sage Smudge Stick

These pretty white sage bundles are wrapped with color rose petals in the colors of the chakras.

White sage has been used for hundreds of years as a tool for cleansing and purification. Sage is commonly used in rituals and ceremonies to invoke sages and wisdom spirits to help in promoting healing and for the highest benefit of all living beings.

Use this smudge stick to waft the herb's smoke into the air or around objects to clear spaces, people, crystals, gemstone jewelry, or other objects of negative energy and impart positive vibes. Note string should be removed before lighting the sage. It can easily be tied back to preserve your stick for later use.

With beautiful rose petals, it may also be used to add a little boho spirit to your home decor and serve as a reminder of ancient native american traditions that integrate the natural world seamlessly with daily life with the recognition that we are but a small part of a bigger cosmic dance.

Smudge stick is approximately 4" in length.

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