Chrysocolla Tumbled Stone Medium

Chrysocolla is a goddess stone and the quintessential stone of communication. It supports clear communication, teaching, full expression, and feeling empowered to speak your truth. It helps diffuse negative energy and soothes the nerves to promote calmness and reduce anxiety.

  • Supports the throat chakra and the heart chakra.
  • Empowers clarity of thoughts and beliefs, verbal expression and wisdom.
  • Alleviates the feeling of guilt, pain and other unresolved emotional baggage, improves the capacity to love. 
  • Tumbled, polished stones with smooth rounded edges.
  • Great for carrying in your pocket or bag, using in grids or holding in your hand during meditation.
  • Stones will vary in size from approximately 1"-1.25".

Every crystal is a unique and natural mineral from the earth and may vary in shape and color from pictures shown. 

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