Courage Stacking Bracelet - Bracelet of the Month!

The Courage Bracelet is made with a thoughtful mix of crystals to impart the willpower, stability and strength needed to be courageous on your journey.

It is made primarily with tiger's eye to help you release fear and anxiety and take action based on clear, logical decisions to move forward.

It is accented with labradorite for clearing and cleansing the auric field, providing psychic protection to mitigate outside influences; and dalmatian jasper for grounding, clearing negative energy and and imparting trust and joy in the process.

Mantra: I have courage in the face of fear.

  • Crystal energy for overcoming fear and embodying courage
  • Intuitively made for energetic support
  • Handmade and blesses with reiki to impart high vibes
  • Comes on stretchy elastic cord to easily slip over the hand
  • Approximately 7.5" in length

 Natural stones may vary slightly in color and shape.

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