March Ritual Kit

March Ritual Kit

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This is rare! We made a few too many of the March Ritual Kit, so we are making them available for individual purchase!

You'll receive the box that includes: affirmation card, about this box card, intention card, handmade crystal bracelet, strawberry quartz crystal, palo santo, and tea.

It is designed to inspire your practice of sacred self-care with self-reflection, inspiration and energy healing.


I AM a healing, harmonizing presence for divine love.


Your heart is a powerful portal with access to collective consciousness and divine truth. It has the ability to harmonize polarity through divine neutrality. When you neutralize dual forces by becoming a compassionate witness, you bring unity to the world through your own heart.

Divine neutrality becomes easier the more you tend to your own inner wounds, karmic imprints and shadow, healing through grace, forgiveness, acceptance and compassion. Through emotional balance and heart healing, you transform your inner world and become become a healing presence and a harmonizer of heavy energies.

The phoenix symbolizes renewal, hope and regeneration. It rises with courage that is fortified by its own process of death and rebirth.

Angel wings symbolize protection, purity, love and harmony with the reminder that you are always guided and supported.

This is a powerful time of birthing a new world. It happens through your harmonized heart.


This bracelet was designed to support you with emotional balance, spiritual growth, and inner harmony. It is made with peach aventurine to quiet the inner critic, balance emotions, and boost creativity; phosphosiderite for spiritual awakening, intuitive connection and reducing stress; rose quartz for harmonizing the heart field; terra agate for transforming heavy energies; pink opal for healing heart wounds and opening the heart to love and new inspiration; howlite for calming, patience and balance; and strawberry quartz for personal growth, joy and self-understanding. Allow these stones to support you with the highest levels of energetic harmony.


Strawberry quartz is a beautiful heart healer that imparts universal love and happiness. It brings positive change, personal growth, and it enhances self-understanding and helps you heal unresolved emotions. It aligns the chakras and promotes healing past lives and karmic imprints, and brings out your passion and joy. It supports mental clarity and helps to restore inner balance. This stone naturally draws out compassion & gratitude.

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