Ebook: 2024 Moon + Crystal Journal

Ebook: 2024 Moon + Crystal Journal

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The 2024 Moon + Crystal Journal is the journal is designed to help you move through the year intentionally, anchoring into spiritual practice and working consciously with each moon phase to reflect on your journey, celebrate along the way and make changes where needed to stay on track with your goals.

It includes an overview of the energetics of each moon phase so you can tailor your activities and manifesting to the natural cycles of the cosmos. Each moon phase has crystal recommendations for working with the energies of the moon as it waxes and wanes though the lunar cycle. 

There are suggested rituals for how to honor the various moon phases and work with the energies in a harmonious way.

No matter what time of year you start, the beautiful guided meditation will help you dream your world into being and capture your highest vision for your life. Each month, you will be guided to take inventory of how things are flowing to help you stay aligned with making your highest vision a reality.

This a digital creation allowing you to print it yourself. You can print it all at once, or print the pages each month as you are ready to drop into spiritual practice. Extra journal pages are provided at the end! 

  • Align with lunar cycles to find a harmonious flow and manifest your highest vision for you life.
  • Work with crystal energy to balance your field and support your intentions.
  • Understand each of the moon phases and rituals and crystals that align with them.
  • Journal your experience as you move through the year and deepen your understanding of astrology, the moon and yourself through spiritual practice.
  • Elevate wellbeing as you build consistent rituals that connect you to your true self and awaken you to your higher vision.

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