Ebook: The Art of Mala Making, Ritual and Practice

Ebook: The Art of Mala Making, Ritual and Practice

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The Art of Mala Making, Ritual and Practice offers a step-by-step guide for making a mala, committing to your practice, and living a more intentional life. It provides background information on what malas are and how to use them for deepening your spiritual practice.

In this 33 page ebook, you'll learn about the power of sound vibration and how to use chant to elevate your vibration and take a more proactive role in co-creating your life. Worksheets are included for helping you to reflect on what it is you desire and from that, creating your own personal mantra. You'll be guided on how to create your own mala with instruction pictures to reference along the way.

While we offer mala making kits, we also provide information on our favorite places to shop for mala supplies making it easy for you to buy your own. Learn how to annoint and bless your mala, what to do if it breaks, and develop accountability to your practice by completing the committing to your practice worksheet. It's everything you need to get started with this powerful practice and start making the shifts you desire most!

With a dedicated practice, you will experience:

  • a new way to meditate that doesn't force you to sit in complete stillness with your busy mind
  • more zen as you make time for yourself and your mental health
  • reduced stress and anxiety as you develop an outlet for the mindstuff and connect to your own divinity
  • expansiveness as you develop a greater connection to the whole
  • a higher vibration that will align you with deeper aspects of your soul
  • more synchronicities as the universe adjusts to your higher vibration responding to your desired reality
  • more balance in your energetic field that bring a feeling of lightness and freedom

If you've tried meditation but have trouble sitting in silence, japa mala practice is for you. Through the power of sound vibration, your mind will be transported to high frequencies and out of the everyday conscious awareness that keeps you feeling stuck. This practice will cultivate new self discoveries, a deeper spiritual awareness, and a greater connection to your highest self. It offers a new tool for self care and a vehicle for promoting peace.

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