Ebook: Understanding Crystal Energy
Ebook: Understanding Crystal Energy
Ebook: Understanding Crystal Energy
Ebook: Understanding Crystal Energy

Ebook: Understanding Crystal Energy

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Understanding Crystal Energy offers an experiential guide for working with healing crystals energy. It provides everything you need to get started with a powerful practice for optimizing wellbeing!

Packed with 50 pages of high-value content, you'll learn what crystals are, how to clear them, how to protect your energy field as a practitioner, how to sense subtle energy, how to use a pendulum, what to do when a crystal breaks and more!

You'll also discover why it is so important to be open to having your own experience vs reading what crystal reference books have to say.

It's through hands-on learning that you'll take your practice deeper and obtain true crystal wisdom of your own. You'll be documenting your observations along the way, growing ever more attuned to subtle energy and becoming an experienced and confident crystal energy practitioner!

By working with crystal energy, you may experience:

  • greater awareness for your energy field and how it is integrated with your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing
  • attunement to subtle energy
  • new ways to deepen your meditations, taking relaxation to a new level
  • increased intuition as you work with higher energy frequencies
  • a higher vibration that will align you with deeper aspects of your soul
  • more synchronicities as the universe adjusts to your higher vibration responding to your desired reality
  • a deeper connection to Mother Earth, bringing a sense of grounding and increasing feelings of oneness
  • more balance in your energetic field that brings greater emotional regulation and stability

This ebook is perfect for anyone who:

  • is curious about crystal energy but isn't sure where to start
  • wants to receive deeper guidance on what to actually do with crystals
  • is interested in learning how to work with subtle energy 
  • is interested in holistic healing 
  • believes the earth provides healing resources to support our wellbeing
  • needs assistance with going deeper in meditation
  • struggles with stress and anxiety and is looking for additional support
  • wants to feel empowered and confident about working with crystals

This ebook is easy to follow and will have you quickly enjoying and loving the healing benefits crystals provide!

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