Flourite Palm Stone

Flourite is a master organizer. It wards off negative energy and stress. It blocks geopathic stress when appropriately positioned and is very effective at working against computer and electromagnetic stress. It purifies, cleanses, dispels and reorganizes anything that is not within perfect order to overcome chaos, offer protection and expedite progress. It grounds and integrates spiritual energies to enhance intuition and advance spiritual awakening. It brings suppressed feelings to the forefront to be resolved and dissolves fixed patterns and ideas to open up the mind to see a bigger perspective. It helps to organize and process information and can assist with learning, bridging what is known and unknown to facilitate better judgement and objectivity.

  • Crystal energy for supporting the third eye
  • Healing energy for clarity, focus and learning
  • Perfect for meditation or placing it some place special where you will see it every day
  • Stones range from 1.75"-2.75"
  • Stones fit perfectly in your palm and have a smooth surface

Every crystal is a unique and natural mineral from the earth and may vary in shape and color from pictures shown.

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