Flower of Life Wood Grid

The Flower of Life is thought to be over 6,000 years old and can be found in most all major religions throughout the world. It is composed of concentric, equal, and overlapping circles and is said to contain vital information regarding the universe and all living things. It is believed by many that there is a secret symbol within the Flower of Life and it holds the most important patterns of the universe and all of existence including all molecules, atoms, planets, and galaxies. Many other sacred geometry symbols can be taken from the Flower of Life, such as Vesica Pisces, Tripod of Life, Egg of Life, Tube Torus, and Metatron's Cube.

Because this symbol in sacred geometry is so powerful, it provides the perfect base for networking crystal energy to support the manifestation of your intentions.

Grid is made of birch and measures 9" in diameter. The pattern is beautifully etched into the wood to provide years of use. 

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