Mala Making Kit - Love

Make your own mala!

This mala making kit includes 108 beads, a guru bead, three beading needles, string, and a tassel. Our mala making ebook (purchased separately) will guide you step-by-step on how to make your own mala, and it will share the background and information on how to use your mala for deepening your spiritual journey and raising your vibration.

Sure you can buy a mala, but making it makes your piece so much more special and it infuses your energy into it from the very beginning, aligning it with your energetic field. It is your very own creation that will assist you in the process of co-creating your reality. Pretty powerful stuff!

The love kit has been thoughtfully designed to balance the heart chakra, promote healing and healthy balance in relationships. He helps to sooth sorrows of the heart by promoting forgiveness, letting go of fears, and instilling a greater sense of compassion for oneself and others. Its light and airy palette gives hope and lets the heart know it's ok to open, for it is through the heart that we align with universal love and receive all that we desire.

Tulsi is a powerful adaptogenic herb that reduces inflammation and dispells negativity offering protection. Rose quartz is a master healer that attracts love and healthy balance in relationships. Rhodonite is another powerful heart healing stone that helps release blocked energy, let go of fears, support forgiveness, and promotes compassion. Kiwi jasper cleanses and aligns the chakras and aura to promote balance and emotional strength throughout our system. It also protects against negative energies. Lavastone offers grounding, supports with transitions, and can be used as a diffuser by adding a few drops of essential oil to any of the stones to incorporate aromatherapy into your practice.

A beautiful amazonite stone is used for the guru bead and resonates with the heart, throat, and crown chakras to reduces anxiety and imparts peace and tranquility. The pink tassel is symbolic of the higher heart chakra that connects us to higher spiritual levels of awareness and aligns with selfless unconditional love.

Note that with use, tulsi will develop a darker appearance as the oils from your skin come into contact with it. Think of it how leather becomes richer over time with wear developing its own unique characteristics. This will symbolize the beauty of your journey.

As your practice develops your mala you will develop a special relationship with your mala and it will start feel like an old friend.

Check out the mala making ebook, The Art of Mala Making, Ritual, and Practice.

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    Love this kit. The items in this kit have substance and weight and it has a great feel. I can't wait to use wear and use this Mala.

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