Rainbow Moonstone Point

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Rainbow moonstone diffuses energy through the auric field offering protection and expansion. It is supportive to your intuition and goddess nature, naturally connecting you to lunar energy and empowering the divine feminine within. 

  • Supports the crown chakra and helps connect to your higher self. 
  • It helps to distill fear and resolve emotional wounds. 
  • It also assists with peaceful sleep and dream recall. 
  • Crystal points direct energy up and out and hence serve as powerful generator crystals for the center of crystal grids. You can also place them on a nightstand or some place where you'll see them everyday and appreciate their beauty and positive vibes.
  • Rainbow moonstone points will vary in size from approximately 3.5"-4" in length.

    Please note that exact size, shape and color may vary slightly from the pictures shown due to the natural of crystal being a natural mineral from the earth.


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