Raw Black Obsidian Stud Earrings

These black obsidian stud earrings are perfect for any crystal lover! They're made of raw obsidian held by gold plated prongs and make a modern, minimalist statement for your ears! In classic black, they go with everything and add a touch of glam.

Obsidian comes from naturally formed volcanic glass. It is supportive to the root chakra imparting the energies of safety, grounding, reflection and protection.

A naturally reflective stone, it helps you to see yourself more clearly, to understand the darkness and release what isn't serving you while integrating more light. Obsidian is a powerhouse for blocking negative energy and offering psychic protection. 

  • Beautiful obsidian energy for protection, grounding and reflection.
  • Supports root chakra.
  • Versatile enough to wear everyday or even for a night out.
  • Safe for sensitive ears.

Due to it being a natural mineral from the earth, color and size may vary from the images shown. 

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