Ruby Fuschite Tumbled Stone

Ruby fuschite is a powerful stone that comes only from southern India. It supports the heart and root chakras. It offers strength and courage, restoring life force energy while nourishing the heart to open, heal from past trauma. This stone is a wonderful way to work with the energy of ruby as it can be an intense life force stone, stirring up the emotions and getting things going! The fuschite helps to soften its energy by surrounding it with loving vibrations. 

  • Healing crystal energy for strength, courage and heart healing
  • Perfect for holding in your palm during meditation or carrying with you throughout the day
  • Place it on your nightstand or some place where you will see it daily
  • Ruby fuschite stones will vary in size from approximately 1-1.5".
Note exact size, shape and color may vary slightly from the pictures shown due to the natural of crystal being a natural mineral from the earth.

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