Virtual New Moon Shamanic Cacao & Crystals Ceremonies

Virtual New Moon Shamanic Cacao & Crystals Ceremonies

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Align with natural cycles and work with earth medicine to manifest bigger in 2024!

Join me for an entire year of virtual New Moon Shamanic Cacao + Crystal Ceremonies where we'll work with the unique energies of each new moon in ceremony to cultivate personal insights and set intentions for the lunar cycle ahead.

We'll work with shamanic cacao and crystals to journey into the heart and dimensional realms to access deeper wisdom, reprogram the subconscious mind and harmonize our energy fields. 

New moons mark beginnings and bring new energy each month! It’s the perfect time set intentions, take aligned action and reflect on your goals. By committing to the full year of ceremonies, you will develop a conscious connection to crystal allies and Mama Cacao, become more intentional about your spiritual journey and work in harmony with natural rhythms becoming a conscious co-creator of the life you desire.

About the Medicines:

Ceremony opens a portal to the divine and allows you to access unseen forces and the subsconscious mind to move energy and create a new program.

Cacao is nourishing ‘heart medicine’ that opens the heart to release emotions, reveal hidden insights and deepen connection and self-love.

Crystals are assistants of light on our path of light. They amplify intentions, bring balance and harmony, and energetically support the spiritual path.

About the Series:

This is a virtual event series that will meet every new moon. Note there are two new moons in Nov 2024 making it a total of 13 sessions.

You will be invited to join a private member space where you will have access to all recordings and be able to share your experience and ask questions. 

No prior experience is needed. You will be sent everything you need to participate virtually from the comfort of your own sacred space! Note these shipments may be broken up over time to ensure you have fresh cacao!

This is an opportunity to connect in spiritual community, heal deeper soul parts seeking return and revitalize your body, mind and soul working in harmony with natural rhythms for the whole year! 

You'll want to sign up by Jan 4 to ensure your package arrives on time for our first ceremony on Jan 11! 

About Cacao:

Cacao is a sacred plant medicine used since ancient times for healing the body, mind, and soul. 

Learn more about the Four Spiritual Benefits of Ceremonial Cacao in this blog.

About this Lineage:

Sarah is a Certified Shamanic Cacao Ceremonialist who has completed apprenticeship level I & II with Maestra Jemmita of Anchoring the Light, working in the Lineage of the Seven Rays of Peru. 


While cacao has been enjoyed and celebrated ceremonially for thousands of years, it is important to take precautions based on your individual health journey. Cacao contains theobromine which increases the heart rate and is a vasodilator. It may not be appropriate for those with serious heart conditions or high blood pressure. Those taking antidepressants such as MAOI's or SSRI's may experience migraines hours after. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, it may be best to lower your dose until you know how it interacts with your system. If you have any concerns, it is advisable to consult with your doctor before consumption.

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