Cultivating Abundance with Intention, Mantra and Crystal Energy

As we welcome in June, we look forward to longer days of light and the radiance of the sun. The seeds of intentions we set in the spring are growing and in bloom. As we step into summer, we experience more and more abundance. This is a powerful time to align with the natural rhythms of the earth to co-create more abundance in our lives. Use these simple practices (plus the abundance stacking bracelet and crystals) to step into the flow of abundance!

About the Bracelet

The abundance stacking bracelet was thoughtfully designed to carry all the vibes for manifesting your heart's desires and cultivating more abundance in your life. It includes:

Quartz crystal for amplifying all the crystal energy present and for clearing negativity that may be blocking what it is you wish to manifest.

Pyrite which carries the energy of the sun and is a powerful stone for manifestation, taking action, and abundance.

Citrine which supports achievement, success, building wealth, having confidence and courage.

Jade which is a quintessential stone for prosperity, abundance, health, and longevity.

Dalmatian jasper which includes flecks of black tourmaline for grounding, protecting, and clearing negative energy, but also this stone is good for keeping a joyful heart and reminding you not to take yourself too seriously. We have to relax in order to receive!

Tulsi, a powerful adaptogenic herb that helps in times of stress, but also to serve as a reminder that we are one with all of life, part of a greater cosmic dance and we can't mess it up!

If you have no idea where to start with crystals, my Understanding Crystal Energy Course will help you go build your knowledge from a true beginner to developing your crystal wisdom in no time!

Set Intentions

Use the abundance bracelet (or other crystals) to set your intentions. Summer solstice is an especially wonderful time to do this. Here's how to program your bracelet with your intentions: 

First, clear your bracelet of any previous energy its picked up along the way. To do this, simply place it on selenite or in the sunlight for a few hours.

Then, hold it in your hand, close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. Reflect on something that connects you to your highest vibration. Say out loud or to yourself, “I call on the highest vibration of love and light and my high self and ask to clear all previous programming and energy that is not mine. I ask this bracelet to hold the intention of <fill in the blank with your desires>. End by repeating, “thank you” three times.

This way you acknowledge that what you’re asking for already exists. Wear your bracelet as a reminder of your intention and to entrain with the crystal energy. 

Work with a Mantra abundance affirmation

This bracelet can double as a mala and be used for mindful meditation to chant a powerful mantra that relates to what it is you wish to co-create. Working with mantras helps you to anchor in a higher energetic vibration that cultivates alignment between your soul path, your deepest desires and what you actually attract in the physical realm. The mantra of your choice should elicit the feelings of already having what you desire. This mantra should feel so amazing in your body that you feel a little tingle down your legs or feel a sense of expansion. The mantra will allow you to visit your intention using the language of the universe - feeling - to organize and attract the particles to you that create the thing you desire.

Here are a few of our favorite mantras that you may want to use with your bracelet:

"I am wildly abundant. Financial abundance flows to me freely and easily."

"The universe is organizing opportunities for me now and they are flowing to me effortlessly."

"Prosperity is my birthright. I stand fully in the flow of abundance."


Sometimes when we really want to manifest something, we attach to its outcome. We get in our own way when we assume it may show up a certain way. The truth is we have no idea how our manifestations might show up. It is always best to remain completely open to all possibilities.

When we fully surrender but yet stay in the vibration of already having it, then we are able to receive whatever it is we desire. If we are always in the mode of sending out and doing, the energy can't flow back in. This is SO important. We must relax in order to receive. 

So to summarize:

Create your intention and send it out using the power of your voice to energetically charge the thought.

Assign a mantra to your intention that allows you to feel it as if you already have it.  Visit this feeling each day through mantra meditation.

Utilize crystals if needed to deepen your meditations, increase your intuition, and balance your energetic field.  

Then, rest.  Your work is done and your manifestations are on their way!

Yes - it's that easy! Do you have any manifestation stories using the techniques from this blog post?  If so, let us know how these tips have helped cultivated your desires.

You are a powerful co-creator and we are so happy to share crystal energy to support your journey.

All the love!

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