Anchor the Light Ritual Kit - Monthly Subscription


Expand your self-care practice with this nourishing Anchor the Light Ritual Kit + Monthly Practice. 

It's a monthly ritual of journeying inward, upgrading beliefs, deepening your spiritual connection, and raising in consciousness! 

Each month members receive:

  • An Affirmation Card - an inspiring affirmation that causes you to reflect on this belief pattern that you hold and show you how to anchor in a higher vibration
  • An Intention Card - after reflecting inward, set an intention for the month ahead
  • A Handmade Gemstone Bracelet - created with crystal energies that support the work that you are doing this month
  • A High Vibe Crystal - it offers you a chance to explore crystal energy each month, store your intentions and align with high vibes
  • About this Box Card - explains what's included along with journal prompts for diving deeper into your beliefs
  • High Quality Tea Sachet - for creating a soothing atmosphere of nourishing self-care and mindfulness
  • Palo Santo - for opening sacred space and cleansing yourself, your space and your crystals of any negative energy
  • Guided Meditation - for taking this work deeper and to promote relaxation
  • Akashic Records Reading of the Crystal - to gain deeper insights of the energies of this stone and how they are supporting at this time
  • Phone Screensaver - for working with your affirmation throughout the day anytime you look at your phone
  • Value: $108!


This is For You If:

You're a spiritual seeker who values a guided experience for how it takes you deeper into yourself than you could go alone.

You believe in your innate ability to tap into the subconscious mind to reprogram beliefs and shift your vibration.

You know that when you transform your inner landscape, the exterior will fall into place.

You love making time for sacred self-care and appreciate the accountability of a monthly, soul-expanding ritual.

You feel deeply called to support the collective by doing your own inner work to raise in consciousness.

You're a crystal lover and crave more knowledge and experience with the energies of different stones.

The Details:

By subscribing, you'll receive this amazing monthly practice at a reduced price! 

By subscribing monthly, you will be charged on the date you sign up and then on the 1st month thereafter. We will not charge your first month since you are paying at sign up.

Ritual Kits always ship on the tenth (10th) of each month regardless of when you sign up.

For example, If you sign up on Sept 15, you will be charged for one month (Oct). Your kit will ship on Oct 10. You will be charged again on Nov 1 and on the first of the month going forward.

You may cancel anytime. You can also skip a month for any reason. This can easily be managed in the customer portal or you can contact us via email for assistance.

We highly encourage sharing your bracelet and crystal. So if at any point, the items don't resonate with you, that's a good sign that they are meant for someone else. Feel into it. Your heart always knows!

Your Contribution Matters:

When you do this work, you elevate the light for everyone. You are truly being of service. In addition, Sarah Belle gives a small portion of proceeds to the Rainforest Foundation US on a quarterly basis as part of our Align with Love  program. So in addition to raising the vibration, you are contributing to preserving the lungs of our planet.

Make Time for Your Soul:

Anchor the Light Soul Tribe is part of a bigger mission to support the rise in collective consciousness by assisting you with your own inner healing and upgrade in frequency.

As you commit to the monthly ritual, you'll develop deeper personal insights, shedding what is untrue at a would level, embodying more and more light.

Because we are all connected, your work serves the whole. By committing to your practice and raising your vibration, you serve the collective shift. You simply are the change. This is how we anchor the light.

Join Today!

The Monthly Ritual Kit is channeled by my higher self to inspire your self-care practice and go deeper in your own spiritual journey.

It's more than just stuff. It's a beautiful pathway for connecting to your sourl. By signing up, you're holding yourself accountable to doing the work.

Whether you're a lightworker, self-care junkie or crystal lover, I honor you for showing up and for being the change. The world needs your practice.

Big love.

Note the length of bracelet measures approximately 7.5" and comes on stretchy elastic cord to easily slip over the hand. If you need a different size, just contact us and we will accommodate. Natural stones may vary slightly in color or size.

Disclaimer: This ritual kit and its contents are not intended to treat, cure, diagnose or provide a remedy for any physical illness. If you are concerned about your health, please contact your physician. 

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    Trina E.
    United States

    I love the kit!

    It is such a beautiful bracelet and crystal! the artwork on the intention cards is very special and goes perfect with the journal prompts. Having tea within this community of like minded women is priceless.

    Trina E.
    United States United States

    A beautiful ritual to gift yourself

    This monthly box is amazing! The bracelets are gorgeous and setting an intention for the month is wonderful to do for yourself. The tea is tasty and having the monthly tea with the other women is empowering!

    Trina E.
    United States United States

    Great monthly practice

    Love all of it, the tea, bracelet, crystal, and palo santo. You get a beautiful affirmation card and one to set an intention. All very nice!

    Barb M.
    United States United States

    Anchor of light

    I love them but it would be nice if the type of wood was included.

    Barb M.
    United States United States

    Ritual kit

    This was first kit which I loved , I can’t wait for my next one.

    Join the Tribe