Journey to Wholeness: Six Ways Power Animal Retrieval Can Empower You

In the realm of spiritual healing, power animal retrieval stands out as a profound journey that can significantly empower your life. Whether you’re feeling lost, facing emotional challenges, or simply seeking a deeper connection with nature and the spiritual world, discovering your power animal can be a pivotal step towards emotional and spiritual wholeness. In this blog, we explore the ancient shamanic practice of power animal retrieval and its transformative impact, offering insights into how this spiritual healing modality can help you reclaim lost energy, enhance your intuition, and embrace a richer, more balanced life.

What is Power Animal Retrieval?

Power animal retrieval is a shamanic healing practice that involves discovering and reconnecting an individual with their spirit ally, or power animal. In many indigenous cultures, each person is believed to have one or more spirit guides in the form of animals. These spirit animals provide guidance, protection, and strength to the individual throughout their life. 

In shamanic tradition, it is thought that a loss of personal power can lead to imbalances in one’s life, including emotional, physical, or spiritual distress. A power animal retrieval is a method used by a shaman or a trained practitioner to journey into the spiritual realms to locate and restore this lost connection, effectively bringing back the power animal to impart its strength, guidance and protection and to restore power to the individual.

It is important to note the difference between a power animal and spirit messenger animal as many people experience the beauty and sacredness of animal messengers; however this is not the same as a power animal. A power animal is generally an animal spirit ally that is working with you to impart its strength and protection. You will often see a resemblance between your personality and this animal ally and how its qualities are reflected in you throughout life. These are sacred relationships that when built upon, build personal power and connection with the spiritual realm. 

Whereas spirit messenger animals may bring you messages at anytime for any reason, simply to impart loving support and reconnect you with the natural world. Spirit messengers may be passed loved ones making their presence known or it may simply be animal spirit wanting to uplift you and brighten your day when you are needing a little support. Both humans and animals, and all of life for that matter, evolved from one unified Source. While humans have forgotten this deep essence of oneness in the shadow of separation and ego, the animal spirits have not forgotten and are often offering their loving assistance and support.

Why Engage in Power Animal Retrieval?

1. Healing and Restoration

Power animal retrieval is often sought when someone feels lost, disconnected, or out of balance. Reconnecting with a power animal can bring profound healing, reinstating a sense of inner peace, vitality, and wellness.

2. Spiritual Guidance

Power animals act as protectors and guides, offering wisdom and insight that is tailored to the individual’s life path. This guidance can be instrumental in making decisions, facing challenges, and fulfilling one’s spiritual purpose.

3. Enhanced Intuition and Personal Power

Engaging with your power animal can sharpen your intuition, helping you to navigate through life more confidently. It boosts your personal power, facilitating growth and resilience.

4. Connection to Nature and the Universe

Power animals also serve as bridges to the natural world, deepening one's connection to the environment and the universe at large. This expanded awareness can foster a greater appreciation for life and its various forms.

5. Emotional Support

In times of emotional upheaval or uncertainty, a power animal can provide comfort and stability. Their presence can reassure and support individuals, helping them to overcome emotional difficulties.

6. Spiritual Protection

Power animals are also protectors who can ward off negative energies and spiritual vulnerabilities. This protection is crucial for those who are sensitive to energies or who are undergoing spiritual practices.


Power animal retrieval is more than a healing modality; it is a profound spiritual reconnection that nurtures the individual's relationship with their inner self, nature, and the spiritual realm. Whether you are seeking healing, guidance, or a deeper spiritual connection, engaging with a power animal can open pathways to immense growth and transformation.

Shamanic Healing

I offer 1:1 shamanic healing sessions that include a combination of healing techniques including power animal retrieval. These sessions are aimed at shifting energy to restore personal power and support you with the outcomes you are wishing to manifest in the physical world. 

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