Understanding Soul Alignment

Are you feeling a sense of disconnection, like something vital is missing despite outward success or fulfillment? Perhaps you've been drawn to questions about the deeper purpose of your existence or have felt a pull towards spiritual exploration. Understanding soul alignment might just be the missing piece of the puzzle. But what exactly does it mean to align with your soul? To comprehend this concept fully, we must first grasp the essence of the soul itself.

In most traditions, the soul regarded as the formless nature of our being. It is the part of you that is connected to All That Is, the Infinite One, or God. Use whatever word feels most connected to your beliefs.

The soul carries a spirit consciousness that is projected into physical form, the body. It animates the body through the lens of the personality matix which is the you that you know yourself to be. The personality is largely directed by the ego.

The soul is your divine nature. It is the part of you that comes here with a deeper purpose to be light in the world. It comes with a yearning to remember, which is what draws you to higher education and to the spiritual path. And it is what makes you feel like something is missing when you lack a deep, spiritual practice.

Through the human journey, your light is guided back to light, back to the One, through the process of evolution. Involution is the process of light stepping down from the formless, the One, into form. And evolution is the process of returning to the One.

Therefore, your personal growth is all designed for your soul's evolution. When you learn how to separate the voices of the personality from the soul, you can learn to listen to your soul. They are often in conflict with each other because the soul desires growth and expansion. It wants you to fulfill your highest potential. It is connected to unity consciousness and is boundless in nature. It is in service to the One light.

Whereas the personality is trapped in separation consciousness. It sees everything as separate and is limited by scarcity and fear. It wants to keep you safe and will block all strides toward growth. understanding soul alignment

Your soul holds the blueprint for your destiny. It will give you hints and glimpses of the reality that is possible. Most people will stay in discomfort and feel the entrapment of spiritual crisis because it feels too risky to take action. But it is ultimately your soul that knows the best way forward for you.

Soul alignment is the process of you discovering the nature of your soul, what it is up to, what it came for and how it is directing you forward. It is the process of learning how to work with the lower levels of the personality and with your nervous system responses to manage through growth and change.

Recognizing and reconciling these conflicting voices is crucial to achieving soul alignment and ultimately fulfilling your destiny and living a life of great meaning. It entails discerning the whispers of our soul amidst the cacophony of our ego-driven thoughts. For our soul embodies boundless potential, while the personality remains ensnared in the illusion of separation and fear.

Soul alignment beckons us to unravel the blueprint of our destiny that is encoded within our soul essence. It beckons us to transcend our comfort zones and embrace the transformative journey towards self-realization. It's about forging a harmonious relationship between our soul's yearning for expansion and our personality's quest for security. And when we do this, our spirit feels free, liberated, on purpose and in divine order, because it is truly aligned with divine will.

Our current energies are accelerating soul alignment for willing hearts. Those who feel called to serve are being activated and mobilized into higher paths of service to truly help not just themselves, but the collective, to remember who we are as divine light.

If you resonate with the notion of soul alignment and yearn to embark on this transformative journey, check out my 1:1 sessions and group mentorship program, Anchor the Light Mastery School.




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