Seed of Life Wood Grid

The Seed of Life is an ancient symbol, rich with meaning across many spiritual traditions. It forms the basis of all of creation and holds the creator's consciousness within it. It is believed to represent the seven days of Creation in which God created life. The first day is believed to be the creation of the Vesica Piscis. On the second day is the creation of the Tripod of Life, followed by one sphere added for each subsequent day. In total, all seven spheres construct the Seed of Life on the sixth day of Creation. The seventh day is the day of rest, known as the "Sabbath" or "Shabbat." This completes the first vortex and the seed which contains the blueprint of the universe is fully formed. Because this symbol in sacred geometry is so powerful, it provides the perfect base for networking crystal energy to support the manifestation of your intentions.

  • Beautiful wood base for creating your own crystal grids
  • Powerful sacred geometry pattern infuses the field with high frequencies
  • Made of laser cut birch wood to provide years of use
  • Measures 6" in diameter and works with a variety of crystal sizes

Due to the nature of natural materials, slight variations may occur.

Crystals pictured are not included.

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