Hexagonal Raw Indian Ruby

Ruby is a powerful life force stone with an intense energy. It engages your passions and your life blood to get things moving. It helps to repair where there are energy leaks or blockages for a smoother flow of life force. It will bring you face to face with unresolved issues that may be dwelling in your root and heart chakra to assist you with resolution and upgrade the light frequency within. It is supportive to the root chakra, instilling stamina, vitality, and strength, and imparting an energizing effect on both the physical and emotional body. It is also beneficial to the heart chakra promoting self love and selfless service from a place of joy. For those who are caretakers or work in a profession of service to others, ruby is supportive in that it assists with a giving heart void of resentment. It brings a spirit of joy, love, loyalty, passion, movement, and courage. It will get things going!

Raw ruby nuggets will vary in size from approximately .75-1.25" in diameter. Every crystal is a unique and natural mineral from the earth and may vary in shape and color from pictures shown.

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