Mantra Cuff - Stand Firmly in Your Light Bracelet

This is a personal mantra used by Sarah for grounding in the present moment and coming back to center. We each have our own unique light to shine out into the world, but so often we can get swept away by the stories we create. Use this bracelet to come back to this powerful mantra that will have you fully owning who you are, what you are here to do, and why you matter.

Here are the five pillars for practicing this mantra. Check out the blog to read more!

1. I don't compare myself to others.

2. I don't attach to the stories my mind makes up.

3. I honor my unique gifts and share them unapologetically.

4. I give myself permission and grace to be 100% authentic.

5. By consistently showing up in this way, my spirit becomes fully embodied, anchoring my light and allowing me to shine my brightest expression into the world.

Bracelet is gold plated, length measures approximately 7.5" and is adjustable to your wrist.

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