Amira Raw Quartz Earrings

These earrings are perfect for any crystal lover! They feature raw angel aura quartz on brushed brass organic hoops. They have a lux, crystal vibe that is modern and stylish while offering the energetic support of quartz.

Angel aura quartz is wonderful for connecting you to the angelic realm and with your spirit guides to awaken new insights within. It supports the crown chakra and assists with bringing the light body into balance. It is an attunement crystal that helps you tap into a deeper sense of connection. It helps you to discharge and dissolve negative emotions, relax, connect and expand. 

  • Beautiful raw crystal earrings with a modern vibe
  • Raw stone offers a stronger energy
  • Makes a perfect gift for any crystal lover
  • Handmade in our high-vibe studio that is cleansed and blessed with reiki energy
  • Make with gold plated earwires that are safe for sensitive ears
  • Approximately 2" drop

Note due to the nature of amethyst being a natural mineral from the earth, color and size may vary from the images shown. 

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