About the Ambassador Program

The Sarah Belle Ambassador Program is designed to align the Sarah Belle brand with like-minded partners who embrace the mission and are enthusiastic about sharing it. This thoughtful collaboration expands our reach and builds brand awareness for growing our respective tribes.

Sarah Belle is a brand that is inspired by energy healing healing, anchoring the light, raising consciousness and liberating the spirit to live with greater authenticity. It promotes heart centered living and approaching all people and situations with compassion and love. We believe that it is in sharing our authentic gifts, with real vulnerability, that is our greatest service to humanity. Our platform is jewelry, crystals, energy healing and yoga. Through this, we share inspirational messages and information about spirit, holistic living, energy medicine, wellbeing, and self-expression.

Become a Sarah Belle Ambassador

Do you have your own eclectic style, like free jewels, and vibe with our mission? If so, we want to hear from you! 

Ambassadors are carefully selected based on key attributes that we feel align with our brand. We look for those who shine a bright light in the world and are positive change makers. We look for those who are leading global transformation and ushering in this shift with love and a high vibration. We also look for influencers, people who have established their brand and are attracting those waking up to change. Last, we are looking for people who align with our style, who have a strong individual style and are not afraid to mix things up a bit. We describe our style as modern, free-spirited, hippie glam.

Read about the program details and apply. We look forward to hearing from you! 

Program Details

Check Out our Current Ambassadors

Mel Simon

Mel Simon is a community connector for Lululemon and a rockstar teacher at Barre3 Louisville. She is equally masterful at curating beats for a dynamic and inspiring barre class and providing expert fashion advice for taking your style from gym to street. She loves incorporating stylish accents into her athleisure style and willingly shares her secrets of just adding cool shoes, hip jewels and a fun lip color to amp up your stretchy pants. When she's not slinging yoga pants or teaching, you can find Mel at local art galleries or riding horses. Follow Mel on Instagram @namaste_mel.

Jenny Shanks

Jenny Shanks is a crystal loving spiritual medium. When she started to understand her gifts as a medium, she was destined to help others. Through Spirit, she shares bright and uplifting messages with you as she connects with your passed loved ones. Jenny believes each person she encounters is an opportunity to spread the light, raising our vibes and encourages others to find their own light. 

She is passionate about serving Spirit and opening the door for others to experience this connection. Her love of crystals, Spirit and all things woo-woo make her vibrant and kindred soul, one you'll never forget. To learn more about Jenny's spiritual journey, visit and follow Jenny on Instagram @spiritual_medium_jenny 

Beth Bersot

Beth Bersot is a Certified Reiki Master and Registered Nurse from Louisville, KY.  She is married with a son, and an avid lover of German Shepherds.  Beth is passionate about crystal healing, essential oils, Reiki and meditation – all of which she uses in her own daily practice.

She shares weekly crystal card drawings in the “Be the Light” Facebook group and posts about light, love and healing in “Blessed B’s” Facebook page. Beth’s high vibe energy is powerful, fun, positive and full of light! 

Contact Beth at (502) 640-1472 to schedule a private Reiki session and follow her on Instagram @labradoritegirlblessed

Tonya Phillips

Tonya is a Kentucky native who is finding self love after 40. She is a wife and mom and part-time model along with being a host of her "Not So Darlin" weekly podcast. In her spare time she loves all things Prince and has a passion for fashion, style and beauty, plus wellness & fitness for the mind and the body. 
She loves discussing all of life‘s not so darling moments on her podcast. Follow Tonya on Instagram @darlintonyajophillips