Angel Aura Quartz Cluster Heart

There's nothing is quite as dreamy as an angel aura quartz! This crystal is wonderful for connecting you to the angelic realm and with your spirit guides to awaken new insights within. It supports the crown chakra and assist with bringing the light body into balance. It is an attunement crystal that helps you tap into a deeper sense of connection. It helps you to discharge and dissolve negative emotions, relax, connect and expand. 

  • Angel aura quartz for connecting with angels and guides
  • Supports the crown chakra and raising your consciousness level
  • Expands intuition
  • Calms the emotions and reduces anxiety
  • Every crystal is a natural stone from the earth and will vary in its cluster arrangement, size of points and uniqueness
  • Crystals range from 1.8-2.5" wide 
  • Makes a beautiful gift

This is a quartz crystal that has gone through a process to give it its shimmering radiance that reflects so many colors. This process does not affect the properties of the crystal.

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