Apache Tear

A form of black obsidian with more comforting vibrations, apache tears are powerful healing crystals for grief, loss and trauma. These uniquely irregular stones offer comfort, healing, grounding and protection to the aura from negative vibes, unsupportive patterns and beliefs, anxiety and fear.
  • Gentle healing crystal energy working through grief and loss.
  • Supportive to the root chakra, offering grounding through connection with Mother Earth.
  • Aids in clearing negative or unhelpful emotions that may be holding you back.
  • Also supports heart chakra and assists in healing emotional issues.
  • Tumbled stone fits perfectly in your hand promoting emotional healing, strength and grounding.
  • Can be placed on your nightstand or used in crystal grids as well.
  • Stones will vary in size from .75"-1.2" in length.
Every crystal is a natural mineral form the earth which means variations to color, size and shape are normal.

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