Awaken Stacking Bracelet (Diffuser)

The awaken stacking bracelet helps one to awaken your inner spirit. Made with labradorite for protecting, clearing and strengthening the aura, and grounding spiritual energy, it will raise your consciousness level and increase your intuition. It is accented with lavastone for providing stability, moonstone for connecting to higher realms and enhancing intuition, wood and coco shell for grounding, amazonite for promoting a calm, relaxed state, and quartz for amplifying all of these beautiful energies. This is one powerful combination of crystals and this palette blends beautifully with many other bracelets.

To diffuse your favorite essential oil, simply drop a few drops of oil in the grey lavastone bead.

Length measures approximately 7.5" and comes on stretchy elastic cord to easily slip over the hand. Natural stones will vary slightly in color.

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