Crystal Meditation - Amazonite

Expand into higher frequencies with crystal energy!

Enjoy a high frequency meditation led by Certified Crystal Healer and Mentor, Sarah Belle and experience how you can work with the quantum realm to raise your consciousness.

In this guided meditation, you'll receive soul-expanding activations from amazonite and expand your light quotient to feel restored, balanced, and higher than ever.

In meditation, we relax the body and mind and make time for our soul to expand and connect with Source. This allows us to presence our I AM nature to hear the quiet aspects of our higher self that is always guiding us.

This frequency upgrade incorporates the wisdom and beneficial energies of amazonite and solfeggio frequencies that promote restoration and balance of the body, mind, and spirit.

Every meditation is channeled from the mineral kingdom to provide deep energetic healing, expand your soul, trigger dormant DNA to awaken and set you on a higher timeline of soul attunement.

Upon purchasing this meditation, you'll receive a downloadable PDF document that contains the meditation link. 

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