Raw Danburite

Danburite is a high frequency crystal that works on the heart field and activates the intellect and higher consciousness. It helps to become more aware of yourself and connect with higher realms. It stimulates the third eye, crown, and the higher crown chakras. Danburite is also a great stone for promoting ease during deep change, and can bring patience and peace of mind. 

  • Support deep connection between the heart and crown to connect with high frequencies
  • Facilitates deep change and leaving the past behind
  • Chakra support for heart, third eye, the crown, and the higher crown
  • Perfect as a pocket stone, placing on your nightstand, or using in crystal grids
  • Raw stone means the surface will be a little rough
  • Stones will vary in size (1-2” in length)

This is a wonderful stone for Crystal Wisdom Codes students to explore!

Every crystal is a unique and natural mineral from the earth and may vary in shape and color from pictures shown.

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