Enlightenment Stacking Bracelet

The Enlightenment bracelet is designed to open you to higher dimensional realms for greater insight and wisdom to flow in. It includes:

  • Amethyst for spiritual expansion and higher vision.
  • Super seven or auralite for awakening and expanding consciousness.
  • Labradorite for auric protection, tempering negativity and accessing higher wisdom.
  • Aquamarine for staying in the flow and communicating spiritual downloads with ease.
  • Charoite for connecting with light realms, inner healing and transformation.
  • Angel aura quartz for connecting with angels and amplifying these high energies.
  • Moonstone for enhancing intuition, wellbeing and balance.

Mantra: I am a multi-dimensional being.

Length measures approximately 7.5" and comes on stretchy elastic cord to easily slip over the hand. Natural stones will vary slightly in color.

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