Green Moonstone Palm Stone Medium

Green moonstone is a more rare form of moonstone. It may also be found by the name garnierite which comes from feldspar mineral family.

It is a stone of 'nurturing the nurturer.' It provides deep healing and restoration to those who are always giving or lack an appropriate balance for giving and receiving. 

It includes the usual attributes of moonstone but with an emphasis on supporting the heart chakra providing emotional balance and freedom, restoring harmony to the heart field. It helps one to embody a feminine goddess energy that is compassion and nurturing.

It provides a calming vibration that helps to reduce stress and anxiety. It adds serenity to your body, mind and spirit helping to dissolve anger and ease frustrations. Work with stone to stabilize your emotional field and assume a calm, collected, assured, peaceful goddess nature and to connect more deeply to the earth.

  • Nurturing energy to support emotional balance and harmony
  • Supports heart chakra with emotional freedom and peace
  • Connects you to your goddess nature to embody the power of your divine feminine
  • Calms the emotions and reduces anxiety
  • Palm stones are perfect for holding in your hand during meditation 
  • Stones range in size from 1.5-2.5"
  • Makes a beautiful gift

This stone is a natural mineral from the earth and may vary in its tones from green to tan colors.

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