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June Ritual Kit

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This is rare! We made a few too many of the June Ritual Kit, so we are making them available for individual purchase!

You'll receive the box that includes: affirmation card, about this box card, intention card, handmade crystal bracelet, strawberry quartz crystal, palo santo, and tea.

It is designed to inspire your practice of sacred self-care with self-reflection, inspiration and energy healing.


I AM raising in frequency with grace and ease.


As the magnetosphere surrounding the planet becomes thinner, more cosmic light flows in bringing higher harmonics for shifting realms. As this light registers on the optic nerve and DNA, you experience shifts in frequency. It is up to you how you integrate these higher frequencies into your body, mind and spirit. It is a powerful time for clearing heavy energies and deciding to claim the high vibrational life that is available to you.

The Sri Yantra is an ancient spiritual tool from Hindu cosmology that supports with clearing negative energies and removing obstacles to bring about harmony, peace, and prosperity. You may use the affirmation and art to powerfully set your intention to align with higher harmonics. Send this affirmation into your cells and into the subconscious mind. Visualize your heart opening like a lotus flower, receiving harmonizing rays of divine lovelight intelligence. Feel this loving energy, encoded with Source light, ripple through your body and radiate with gratitude and grace.


This bracelet was designed to support you with clearing heavy energy and creating space for expansive energies. It is made with sandalwood for clearing negative energy, releasing emotional blocks and promoting peace; ocean jasper for easing stress and expressing your true feelings; smokey quartz for balance, grounding and purification; flower jasper for resolving emotional wounds and heart healing; labradorite for transformation and intuition; and dalmatian jasper for joy, grounding and light heartedness. Allow these stones to blend together to support you with releasing the past and attuning to higher vibrations of peace, joy and harmony.


Herkimer diamond is a high vibrational crystal known as the stone of attunement. It supports with raising consciousness and expanding spiritual insight. It helps with opening the third eye and crown but is supportive to all chakras, opening and aligning them for energy to flow freely. As a form of quartz, it is a master healer that stimulates the subconscious mind and cultivates spiritual awareness.

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Anchor the Light Society is a monthly membership that includes the Anchor the Light Ritual Kit and Practice to offer accountability to your spiritual journey and sacred self-care. Each month you'll be guided to go within, upgrade your beliefs and raise your vibration.

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